What Can I Drink?

One of my chemo drugs creates nerve damage. Along with feet pain that makes it difficult to walk it also attacks the tongue. That makes it very difficult to drink most liquids. I found the below hot chocolate drink to be drinkable.

  • Milk
  • 3 teaspoons of powdered pure chocolate found in the baking section.
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
  • I have added some honey but it tastes good without it.
  • Heat in the microwave.

It is important to drink liquids during the chemo treatment however it is difficult to find something that is drinkable.


I first had the On-Body Injector placed on the back of my arm. This placement was a problem when sleeping on my back or the same side that the On-Body Injector was on because it was in the way. It felt uncomfortable and I worried that it might disconnect from my arm. I also had problems removing it with it on the back of my arm.

After having it on my arm twice I switched to having it on my stomach. Now I can sleep on my back and left or right hand side. Also, I seem to have less pain. I think that might be because there is little fat on the back of my arm however there is some fat on my stomach. I also have both hands free to remove it when it is done injecting.

Snow; the frosting on your winter cake. After winter comes Spring!