I first had the On-Body Injector placed on the back of my arm. This placement was a problem when sleeping on my back or the same side that the On-Body Injector was on because it was in the way. It felt uncomfortable and I worried that it might disconnect from my arm. I also had problems removing it with it on the back of my arm.

After having it on my arm twice I switched to having it on my stomach. Now I can sleep on my back and left or right hand side. Also, I seem to have less pain. I think that might be because there is little fat on the back of my arm however there is some fat on my stomach. I also have both hands free to remove it when it is done injecting.

Snow; the frosting on your winter cake. After winter comes Spring!

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  1. Hi Jeff, I’ve kind of been out of the loop for a while and see that you have had some health issues that were a challenge to say the least. Hopefully you are better now. I am looking to retire from DCNR next year and hope to devote more time to making charcoal and promoting that product. One conclusion I’ve come to is the need to quickly process logs and slabs into usable lengths. I’ve been intrigued with the chomper design and recall, you purchased a log chomper several years ago. If so, do you like it? What is the maximum length it can cut? What is the maximum diameter it can cut? Its a beautiful sunny fall day and the woods are calling. I love this time of year.
    Take care and until later,

    1. This is the best time of year. The Chomper could cut up too 14 inches if the log is straight with no knots. It might not cut that size log if the log was on the dry side. The length of cut was about 16 inches. I like the idea of a shear however the Chomper had some design flaws in my opinion. The knife would crack because the knife would also push the wood into the splitter wedge. It was a bit on the slow side. The log had a tendency to slide back for the next cut, it needs to stay put. There were also more smaller issues. I had a sale to help pay for the new sawmill and the Chomper was part of that. If I did not have my health problem I would have kept it but knowing what I learned from using it I would not have bought it. It could be made much simpler for smaller diameter pole wood. A member on the Forestry Forum built a wood shear for small wood with the splitter on the shear blade. I have a cylinder for that project. Larger diameter logs I would cant on a sawmill. I think that shear cut wood dries faster.

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